Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Captain and/or Crew allowed to be anglers?

YES - Our events are professional tournaments, with the exception of the Custom Shootout, which is a charity-only event; therefore we do not permit professional registered anglers for the Custom Shootout.

What is a "professional angler"?

A professional angler, by our definition is: any professional crew member that has been paid as such within last three years.

Are kids allowed to fish in the tournament(s)?

YES! We love to see children enjoying the outdoors and fishing with their families! We have a Top Junior Angler Award in all our tournaments.

I see your White Marlin Roundup has an amateur division, what is that?

Under our White Marlin Roundup Rules, #5:
To qualify for Amateur Status, no professional anglers are allowed. Teams requesting Amateur Status must be approved by the Committee prior to the start of the tournament. All other Tournament Rules apply.

Do Skip's billfish tournaments abide by the IGFA rules?

No, while The IGFA has given our tournaments permission to replicate portions of their rulings, they have no involvement in our billfish tournament Regulations. If you are fishing for a world record, it is your responsibility to follow all IGFA International Angling Rules.

Does the Bimini Bluefin Tournament abide by the IGFA rules?

No, the BBT has its very own set of Rules. If you are fishing for a world record, it is your responsibility to follow all IGFA International Angling Rules.

How do we prove a released fish to be scored?

Video proof - which shall include: 1) registered angler fighting the fish 2) proper identification marker 3) sufficient footage of the fish in order to accurately determine the species 4) proper release evidence 5) correct time and date stamp. All media is the team's responsibility and becomes property of the Tournament once it is submitted for scoring. Please find our Video Evidence for more information.

How do we pay our entry fee for registration?

All our entry fee payments will be accepted by cash, check (checks must be received no less than 14 days prior to the tournament start date), wire transfer or credit card. The Committee will contact you for payment once your inquiry/registration form has been received and processed.

Are we required to get in the Jackpots, if offered?

How do we pay our Jackpot fees?

All of our Jackpot fees will be accepted by cash, check (checks must be received no less than 14 days prior to the tournament start date) or wire transfer - credit cards are not accepted. If you are undecided of which Jackpot you want to get in, we will accept cash only at the tournament's Captain's meeting. However, once the tournament is underway, no Jackpot entries will be accepted.

Are the tournament winnings taxable?

Yes, Skip's Tournaments is a U.S.-based Company. Please see our U.S. Company Disclosure for additional information and a link to the W-9, which is required for all cash winnings.

Do we have to fish all three series tournaments to obtain qualifying points for inclusion in the Abaco Diamond Series?

Yes, This series requires all three tournaments be fished in order to qualify for series points and prizes. Please see Rules and Prizes to Abaco Diamond Series for more information.

Do we make the reservations for our boat at the Abaco Beach Resort Marina, or do you do that for us?

Each participant must secure their own slip accommodations, as we do not know the specific needs of your boat (i.e. power, etc.) Because some teams will be staying through the tournament season, it is important that you have your plans secured well in advance of tournament time. For marina reservations, please visit: http://abacobeachresort.com/marina.

Does the Abaco Beach Resort have plenty of rooms for my family, crew and/or guests?

The Abaco Beach Resort features 89 oceanfront guestrooms, suites and villas, each with its own verandah or balcony. So, yes! Again, it is important to secure your plans well in advance of tournament time. For guest accommodations, please visit: http://abacobeachresort.com/accommodations/rooms-suites

Are there places to eat when the tournaments are not taking place?

Yes! In addition to the Abaco Beach Resort's Angler's Restaurant, Marsh Harbour has many wonderful spots to dine, just a golf cart or taxi ride away!

We will be flying to the Abacos, what are your suggestions?

There are many domestic flights to and from the Bahamas and Marsh Harbour. Some include: American Airlines, Bahamas Air, Delta, JetBlue, Silver Airways, Sky Bahamas, and United Airways. For private flying and FBO information, please visit: http://www.bahamas.com/fbos.

Will I need my passport?

Yes, the Bahamas is close to the U.S., but is a foreign country. A valid passport is required to enter the islands. Birth certificates no longer are accepted as proof of citizenship and expired passports will not be accepted.

What about my family or guests who are not fishermen?

The Abaco Beach Resort offers a private beach, beachfront pool, a quaint gift shop, fitness center, kid's camp, local shopping, boat rentals, dive shop with certified instructors, tennis courts and a water sports center. The Resort is very accommodating to their guest's needs and will be happy to help you arrange activities for your family or guests while you're out catching blue marlin!