Abaco Diamond Series


Presented by Diamond Fishing Products

Skip's Tournaments has expanded their platform to provide competitors an opportunity to show proficiency in three different billfish tournament formats. With this three leg series, the Committee awards the team whose prowess proves good enough to wear the series championship ring.

Included in the Abaco Diamond Series


  1. Participating teams must fish all three designated series tournaments to qualify.
  2. The series championship shall be awarded to the team who obtains the highest combined score over the three tournament series (named above).
  3. Participating teams must adhere to the Rules of each tournament leg. Failure to do so will be grounds for disqualification.
  4. Participating teams assume all responsibility and fish at their own risk.
  5. To be eligible to compete as a Junior Angler, the angler must be 16 years old or under at the start of tournament registration.


  1. First place team will be awarded a check (amount to be determined*).
  2. First place team (consisting of 4 team members) will receive a custom-designed championship ring designed by Mark Lloyd of the renowned Vanmark Jewelry Designers of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
*Please note: the total cash prize purse will vary depending upon the number of entries received during the tournament series.