Video Evidence

General Instructions & Suggestions

  1. Be sure that your camera meets Tournament requirements prior to its start.
  2. Be sure to possess the appropriate cables, adapters, cards, readers, etc. to allow the Committee to download your evidence, if needed.
  3. Designate a qualified team member familiar with your camera operation to bring the evidence (and Release Affidavit) to the Committee.
  4. Have two cameras recording during the fight. Back up is never a bad idea.
  5. Be sure to have batteries fully charged and extra batteries, SD cards, etc. on hand.
  6. Recordings should be cued up for Committee review.
  7. Be sure the date and time are accurate and match the Committee's "official time".
  8. Be sure the date and time are displayed on the image, if possible. Otherwise, the time and date stamp must be displayed on the actual file.
  9. Be familiar with your equipment.
  10. Test your equipment prior to the Tournament start.
  11. Designate someone to record the release evidence, be familiar with the equipment and the Tournament rules.
  12. Do not store the equipment in an air-conditioned environment to avoid fogging.
  13. Underwater video (i.e. use of a GoPro or other underwater device) is the best way to positively identify your billfish species.
  14. Be sure you have captured all the evidence necessary for qualification prior to submission.

Any images or video downloaded by the Committee become the property of the Tournament and its agents and may be used in displays, promotional materials, marketing campaigns or web design.